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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right now new information coming out of the gsa scandal. plus topper's holiday weekend forecast. will the storms finally give us a break. but first remembering a local legend. memorial plans now set for chuck brown. >> this is 9news now. we start with the brand new information. funeral services for chuck brown who passed away last week. it will be a very public affair
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to let fans come together fo mourn his passing but -- to mourn his passing. an all day viewing from 11:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. on thursday a public memorial service at the walter e washington convention center in northwest. that's from noon to 3:00 p.m. parking will be limited. you're encouraged to use metrorail or bus. we're going to repeat this information a little later on in case you missed some of it. you will be sure 9news now will be sure to give you full coverage of the memorial service. another shakeup at the gsa. the general services administration. 9news investigator russ ptacek has learned five people are now out at the agency and officials want to out four others all in connection with the lavish las vegas convention. >> we are trying to identify all.
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our investigation uncovered gsa documents showing five officials received bonus money all linked to the lavish $823,000 convention, including the bathtub photo. he and four others were placed on administrative leave last month when the gsa videos came out as the administrator resigned and congressional hearings revealed details of the 2400-square foot hotel rooms, tuxedo clad parties and government funded -- a gsa officials says federal workers can retire as long as they have the proper years of service and meet minimum age and that resignation would not preclude criminal prosecution. tonight john mica says mr. neely is no longer on the taxpayer's tab. i plan to introduce legislation that will allow the immediate termination of senior level
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officials that violate their oets of office. right now it's un-- oaths of office. right now it's unclear if neely is one that we reported on tuesday. what we do know is there is a move in gsa to oust nine people altogether. i'm russ ptacek, 9news now. he's a little boy whose disappearance made headlines 33 years ago nearly to the day. now police in new york city have artsed a man who claims -- arrested a man who claims he killed the 6-year-old and disposed of his body. he was arrested at his home in camden, new jersey. he was one of the first missing children to appear on the side of a milk carton. now, tomorrow is national missing children's day. that is because may 25th is the day he disappeared. a u.s. senate candidate killed by a hit-and-run driver from prince george's county. matt jablow has the verdict in the high profile case. >> reporter: the victim's mother to bear. details too much.
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>> i couldn't fathom that she suffered so many injuries. and there was nothing i as a mother could do to take away that pain. >> reporter: 30 -year-old natasha pettigrew a law stument hit by a car -- student hit by a car while riding her bike in december of 2010. her injuries so severe that she died the next day. >> it's been a long journey. >> reporter: today a jury found christy littleford guilty of failing to remain at the scene of an accident. littleford claims she thought she hit a deer when she collided with pettigrew. >> there was a bicycle tangled under her car. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office says littleford's explanation didn't make sense. and with their verdict, the jury voiced their agreement. >> this was a beautiful young woman who lost her life and was left on the side of the road without -- in a very inhumane act. >> you couldn't find a more beautiful, compassionate, caring person. >> reporter: after the verdict,
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pettigrew's mother thanked prosecutors for their help in the case and the good samaritans who came to her aid after she was hit. >> i hoped she remains in contact with those two young ladies forever. >> reporter: but she was quick to say that in a case like this, there are no winners. >> because so many families have been devastated, we have all lost a little -- the littleford's have lost, i lost. there are no winners here. >> reporter: christie littleford faces a maxm of 10 years in prison when she's sentenced on august third. >> thank you, matt. last night we were the first one to tell you about the submarine on fire. tonight the u.s. navy is investigating the fire that started aboard one of the nuclear submarines. it happened aboard the uss miami. the ship's reactor was never affected. seven people were hurt. all have been treated and released from the hospital. another black eye for local government here in the district, specifically for the vincent
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gray administration. a former financial advisor to gray has pleaded guilty to federal charges he lied about a scheme to help gray get elected. our ken molestina was in the courtroom today when howard brooks admitted to wrongdoing. these details are kind of hard to fathom as they keep coming out, ken. >> reporter: they sure are. howard brooks said he did a lot of illegal things. but what he pled guilty to was lying about everything to cover up. mr. brooks, did mayor gray know about this? did he know about the payments? the self admitted felon refused to ask any questions. he jumped into an awaiting suv and rushed away. his lawyer spoke on his behalf. >> i think he hit the point where he realized that it was time to accept responsibility for what he had done. >> reporter: brooks entered a guilty plea of making false statements when he lied to fbi investigators over money he then gave to mayor brown. >> he realized he made a very
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serious mistake in the way he had gone about handling this initially. >> reporter: the scheme included money order payments in the thousands given to brown by brooks. the money was intended to keep brown in the mayoral race so he could bash on then mayor fenty. that was supposed to create an easy path for vincent gray to become elected. brooks is the second to plead guilty in the scheme. thomas score who was also involved in the plan pled guilty to destroying evidence. brooks is expected to become an informant as an investigation into vincent gray's 2010 campaign continues. >> he's agreed to cooperate with federal investigators and he's certainly going to hold up that end the bargain. >> reporter: the question everyone is asking how much of this, if any, did vincent gray know about. he claims he knows nothing about the campaign. the investigation is far from over. as for brooks, he can get up to six months in prison or
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probation. >> okay. thank you. marion barry did thinks best to apologize to the asian-american community. it came after recent comments he made. he met with community leaders at the baptist church in southeast. >> when i make a mistake about something, i'm the first to say maybe we should have hit it differently. but that doesn't negate the problem. >> today is the day that will mark the beginning of an intentional effort on the part of the asian-american community in dc to ensure that diversity is viewed as an asset rather than a source of conflict among us. >> asian community leaders at today's event said they accepted the apology but barry used a term some consider offensive to describe people from poland. in campaign 2012 news tonight, president obama and mitt romney are hitting the road trying to shore up their support. we start with romney who talked education at a philadelphia
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school in a heavily democratic neighborhood. >> like every parent to have a choice and every child to have a chance. >> some teachers took offense to class size and performance. meanwhile, president obama took a second trip to iowa this month. companies like tpi composites are the cornerstone of the president's clean energy agenda and extending tax credits to them. >> the more we rely on american made energy, the less oil we buy from other countries, the more jobs we create here at home. the more jobs we create here in iowa. >> a new poll has president obama slightly ahead in three key states, including florida. it's neck-and-neck. he spent five years behind bars and another five years on probation and had to register as a sex offender all for a rape he
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never committed. they overturned the decade old conviction today. he was a high school football star when he was accused of 2012 of kidnapping and raping a girl in campus. instead of going to uic on a football scholarship, he went to prison. >> i may not ever get the answer of why i went through what i went through, but i know that i'm here today and i remain unbroken. >> now, during a videotaped meeting at a private investigator's office last year, the woman admitted the sex was consensual but she refused to tell prosecutors because she didn't want to give back the $1.5 million settlement from the school district over lack of security. now, $1.5 million is just going to be pocket change for a couple of local students wowed the judges at the engineering science fair. as teenagers, they already have adult expertise in cancer
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detection and en tanglement assisted tele portation. >> think of me as a piece of information and not a person. entanglement assisted teleportation gets me from here to here without being able to tell it happened. if you're the cia, how cool is that. location a, location b, e for eaves dropper. >> if you were to put the information into a, it shows up in b by the measurement protocol to telepport it instead. so she would sit there and try to intercept it and never hear anything. >> this 18-year-old just won $50,000 for his work in this. helpful to spy agencies trying to keep communications secret. >> you take the beam me up scotty analogy from star trek and just imagine them going in and as they leave here they're showing up there. that same thing happens with information with adams.
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>> it's all about photons and atoms and beam splitters. stuff that befuddled einstein his whole life, and he was a runner up. >> i got interested in early detection because that's when it's the best chance of treating the cancer. >> this 18-year-old designed a test to detect hard to detect pain tree yatic cancer. -- pancreatic cancer. his test catches it earlier. >> i'm really passionate. it's my thing. i like working on medical research. >> and he's probably working on quantum computers. >> all of these highly encrypted codes that terrorist organizations have that are currently impractical and impossible to crack with. even super computers with the quantum computer can be done in a matter of seconds. >> and dreams, this seems like a lot. >> i want to make money.
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>> i think it's safe to say he is probably got a better chance than the rest of us. >> oh; wow. >> wow. >> not only the tele. >> that's huge. >> settle down. still ahead tonight on 9 news, the lettuce bikini gentleman. not a good look for everyone. but it's getting folk's attention. plus a couple things you prefer not to see when shopping for food. but it does earn you a spot in this week's restaurant report. that's coming up as well on 9 news. top. >> 83 today. here is your wake up weather. a little more sunshine tomorrow. a little fog possibly in the morning. temps in the 60s and then 65-74 by 7:00. we bounce back into the 70s at 9:00. we'll come back and take you all the way through the holiday weekend.
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we want to give you those funeral arrangements for dc music legend chuck brown one more time. a public viewing will take place on tuesday at the howard theater in northwest dc. it's an all day viewing, 11:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. and then on wednesday a memorial center in northwest dc from noon until 3:00 p.m. . last night on 9 news now we
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told you about the firefighters who fell ill while helping out with a possible drug house investigation. well, today pita lettuce lady delivered the guys from the station a hot batch of vegan chicken noodle soup. lila says there is nothing better than vegan soup when you are under the weather. tonight we got more food dangers and more health department suspicions. this time it's one part sushi and one part grocery. food trouble at a sushi spot that is getting rave reviews and a high profile restaurant that is now permanently closed. >> reporter: the mice at this grocery wholesaler don pepe's cash and carry has gotten out of control according to the manager. >> we have to find a way to contain them. that's why we changed the doors. we're doing all this stuff so they can get away from here.
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but it's hard. >> reporter: the health department declared an eminent health hazard at this northeast warehouse closing it until the mice were at bay. at this liquor and convenience store, they closed the food operation citing possible danger to help. the owner says officials shut him down overnight after finding his pet cat inside the store where he cells groceries. vermin at this second floor sushi restaurant is why they reported a closer and close call. a quick check shows customers like this place, especially the dragon rule. a lot of five star ratings. the manager invited us in to look at our cleanup themselves saying the may 9th violation occurred just days before the previous owner sold to new management. >> everything is clean. >> reporter: so you have a new owner. >> yes, new owner. >> reporter: remember the food closure on ruby tuesday we told
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you about? two weeks following our report, all their signs are now gone and the tables are packed. this ruby tuesday is gone for good. >> now, all of the places except for ruby tuesday reopened after passing a reinspection. if you want to know which restaurants get closed down first, you can follow russ on twitter or facebook. if you know safety issues we should investigate, send us an e-mail to tips at now to arlington national cemetery. a tradition on hollowed ground. call it a soldier's salute from the tip of a boot. soldiers from the old guard has begun to place u.s. flags at more than 260,000 graves in advance of holiday activities. to keep those flags in a uniform line, soldiers use their boot to mark the distance from gray's marker to flag. folks headed to the beach this weekend will find plenty of
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things new. in rehoboth beach, they have widened the beaches themselves. plus there is a smart phone app. in dewey beach, a noise ordinance. and further down the coast, a new indian river inlet bridge to help you get from place to place. plus, gas prices are down. the average price per gallon 3 glarz 65. we have the -- $3.65. we have the gases down. >> it's going to be a good weekend. not necessarily storm free. in terms of trading temperatures in 90s instead of a storm, that's a fair trade. we come out ahead. let's start with a live look outside. the national weather service issued the hurricane outlook today. go to our website and check out my blog. all of the information is there at right now live look outside at the capitol. it is our weather cam brought to you by michael and son. 83 today. still 73 downtown. winds still south, southeast at 6. pressure on the rise at
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30.09 inches of mercury. we cannot shake that easterly component to the wind and consequently we can't end up with just a nice sunny day. at least for a while. all right. here is what is left of our storms. a few light showers up 270 and also past gaithersburg up into frederick and a few more showers across southern maryland. they'll diminish, especially in the areas that had rain and showers today. some fog is possible in the morning. howard will take care of you at 4:25 in the morning. just isolated storms in the afternoon. so even fewer storms tomorrow than we had today. warmer on friday and fewer storms and then a lot holiday weekend. not necessarily storm free but still a pretty nice weekend. we've had some dogs, shall we say, for memorial day. isolated showers ending. mild, patchy fog again. lows in the 60s. and winds still east, southwesterly at about 5-10. now, tomorrow morning becoming partly cloudy and warm. you'll need your sunglasses. 60s and 70s. winds out of the south,
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southeast at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy, warmer. a thunderstorm still possible. again, fewer. high temps about 85 and winds out of the southeast at about 10. so we'll break it down for you, to start fog, 60s. 77-82 by lunch time. 82-87 by evening. maybe an isolated storm. that's about it. now, the next three days, starts going up. 88 on saturday. just an isolated storm. 90 on sunday. just an isolated storm. i think it's a pretty good trade for the 80s and 90s and a few storm. memorial day 90. isolated thunderstorm. then a cold front approaches tuesday into wednesday. a better chance of showers and storms tuesday night into wednesday morning. clearing out late wednesday. nice on thursday. sunshine returns. temperatures in the low 80s. kristin returns with some redskin news after this. stay tuned.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> the effects of the nfl lockout were apparent all through the year. players didn't condition. santana moss had the worst season of his year. those injured weren't as close to 100% as they should be.
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aka chris cooley who didn't rehab probably. but now these guys are back with their team reportedly in better shape ready to compete with the youngsters. they used this week of ota to shake off the rust and say their focus this season it become a well oiled machine. >> the focus is to get the younger guys who are going to step up for us. getting the feeling for him. all of the receivers and all of us working together. that's what it's going to take. >> rg3 is going to have some great mentors. his locker is sandwiched between ryan -- two guys that can keep him in check. if you thought the drama between the nfl and the player's association was over when the lockout ended, you were wrong. the player's union has filed a lawsuit against the league claiming the owners had a secret salary cap of $123 million during the 2010 uncapped year.
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and that they concluded to restrict player's salaries. all 32 teams, including the redskins and cowboys, who just had their salary cap arbitration denied are a part of the suit. demora smith had harsh words for the league. >> let this be clear, we understand the importance of rules. and when those rules are violated, we understand the position that the league takes when those rules are violated with respect to players. we will also enforce the rules as they apply to owners and as they apply to the national football league. >> former major league baseball player david segee took the stand in the trial today confirming testimony that clemons coach kept waste from when he injected him with steroids. an indi poll sitter.
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indiana looking to a voit elimination but the -- avoid elimination. dwayne wade a double-double game high. miami heat beat the pacers 105-93 and advance to the eastern conference finals. they will play either boston or philly on monday. and you know in south beach they want a championship or nothing. >> yep. >> or something bad might happen. >> not enough. we'll be right back.
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some of the most amazing video we've seen today. a dramatic crash captured by a dash-cam ra. a large truck comes too quickly. here you see the truck coming. it literally topples over and you can even see the driver's reaction in the video as well as the truckdriver standing up in his smashed cab. we don't get to see that part. amazingly neither one seriously hurt. >> wow. >> incredible. >> and that is 9news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. good night.
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